In the tax world, people talk about a lot of things that are a taxpayer’s responsibilities, but they don’t always talk about the taxpayer’s rights.


So people come into our offices asking about what their rights are, or they don’t even know they have any, until we start explaining how they can navigate the complex field of an annual filing.


Let’s go over some of these rights, because it kind of sheds light on what taxpayers can do to be responsible while also protecting themselves from improper IRS activity or other challenges.


Right to be Informed


You have the right to be informed about tax debts in a consistent and professional way. That means the IRS isn’t going to call you out of the blue from a random number and have someone tell you that you owe money. That’s a scam. Know your rights!


Right to Quality Service


You have a right to quality service on the part of the IRS, and they must work in specialized ways to do any auditing or other activity to challenge your annual filing.


We can help by making your annual filing the best it can be, and we also think that you have a right to quality service from your preparer.


The Right to Challenge IRS Statements


If the IRS disputes your tax bill, you have a right to challenge it. You have a right to know about the time frame of what’s going on and how to appeal an IRS decision.


Correct Amount of Tax


You have a right to pay the correct amount of tax under the law. That might sound simple, but where there is an appeal process, that might be a pretty important detail. We can help you to set up your annual filing in a way that’s transparent and clear, so that you have a better chance of working things out with the IRS without getting into further legal challenges.


Right to Privacy


You have a right to privacy and a less intrusive type of IRS activity. That means some types of activity by agents and others may be improper under the law.


Right to Confidentiality


You also have a right to confidentiality which may address any activity you see as retaliatory behavior.


Fair and Just Taxes


You have a right to a fair and just tax system where the IRS has to follow certain rules and guidelines in auditing and trying to collect money.


Turn to Oak Tax Management for professional and accurate bookkeeping and annual filing assistance. We showcase these and other taxpayer rights on our website, so you know where you’re at, no matter what your tax situation is.