IRS Resources On Our Website

We are invested in helping our customers to succeed with annual tax filings, and it shows. Here’s some of what you can expect by browsing our modern state-of-the-art tax preparer website and figuring out how to address your annual filing responsibilities.


Tax Forms


You can get examples of up-to-date tax forms on the website to start planning your return. For instance, looking at how the numbers flow through a standard IRS 1040 return form will help give you a better idea of how you structure your tax package for a particular filing year. You visually see the numbers at work, and it takes a lot of the mystique out of preparing your taxes. And of course, we help with any remaining questions!


You can also see some of the forms related to stimulus payments and child tax credits and everything else that has changed in the last year or so. That also provides key context for a household or individual return. 


Tax Appointment Checklist


Here, we provide you with those details of what to bring to a tax appointment…


Some of these are income details, such as supplementary windfalls and gambling gains or things like child support and alimony payment information.


Other information relates to your tax status and tax ID as a U.S. citizen.


Whatever it is, we put it on the checklist so that you come to the meeting prepared and ready to move forward with annual filing. Paperwork and documentation are often major hurdles for customers, so this resource helps a lot!


Up-to-Date Tax Rates


A lot of people struggle with identifying the outcomes from particular federal tax brackets that change according to your single or joint taxable income. If you don’t know what the rates are, how would you know what you’re going to owe

See everything at a glance on our website and get a bird’s-eye picture of what you’ll do (and have due) when you file.


Tax Due Dates


When is that payment due again? And where do I send it? Just check the site and update your tax situation accordingly.


Tax Glossary


The IRS uses a lot of jargon, but with our glossary, you can tackle that learning curve quickly and figure out how to deal with the terminology that can confuse some taxpayers.


That’s just some of what we offer to our very important clients. Get help from a company that takes its work as a tax consulting party seriously, and offers you the tools for worry-free returns.